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Cavall Regent Dixie Blues OA, NAJ, AXP, AJP, CGC, HIC

Dixie is a fun loving Cardigan and a joy to live with.  We love her sweet personality.  She is my first agility dog and has excelled far more than I ever hoped for.  She has a very good work ethic.  To date, Dixie has won 9 AKC agility titles and is close to completing 2 more.

Click  here to see Dixie’s puppies.

Dixie weaves1

Here is Dixie working the weaves at the CWCCA Nationals in Ft. Mitchell, KY

Update: Dixie unexpectedly passed away on 12/24/10.
 Dixie was my first show dog. She was so eager to please and always willing to participate in any new direction that my attention went: conformation, agility, obedience or junior handlers.  All those wonderful letters attached to her name each have wonderful memories that go with them.
Sleep well my sweet girl.  I could not have asked for a better best buddy.  You will forever be my favorite blue girl.

 Dixie’s Agility Pictures
Click here to see Dixie’s agility record.


They are short on legs, that must be why.
God made the Corgi want to fly.

Dixie's signature wink

Dixie’s signature wink.

Heidi & Dixie04

Pretty Dixie enjoying an afternoon sunbeam.

Heidi with the squirrel watching Dixie.

Dixie herding02
Dixie baby

Dixie earned her Herding Instinct Certification in KY.

Baby Dixie

Paw prints

Dixie’s Sire:

Stormy head

CH Tafrnwr Coedwig Blackstorm

Dixie’s pedigree:

CH Tafrnwr Coedwig Blackstorm CH Rhydowen Chippendale CH Locksleyhall Laird
Tamarhac Hifive of Rhydowen CDX
CH Springshire Tafarnwr Viviane CH Locksleyhall Laird
CH Jason's Bijou UD
CH Coedwig Madm Pauline on Clay CH Coedwig's Carbon Blue CH Spectrum Harlem Shuffle
CH Coedwig's Lilac ROM
CH Tafarnwr Coedwig Silver Lining CH Rhydowen Chippendale
CH Springshire Tafarnwr Viviane


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